Letting You Go

Letting you go is a graduation documentary by Kim Faber.

Twenty-seven-year-old Sanne suffers from borderline personality disorder, chronic depression and insomnia. After nine years of intensive treatment with no positive results, she has decided she does not want to live any longer. Because she doesn’t want to traumatize anyone with her death she chooses self-euthanasia. She tells her father and best friends about her death wish to give them the chance to come to terms with her decision and say their goodbyes. We see Sanne in her final weeks, in which she looks forward to the day she will finally find peace. I'm letting you go is a short documentary about a psychiatric patient’s right to self-determination, the longing for peace and the biggest sacrifice a father can make out of love for his child.

The whole documentary can be seen here: http://www.npo.nl/2doc/24-01-2...

Kim Faber
Randy Vermeulen from Bananaz, Anna Beerstra from Bananaz
Christian van Duuren
Martin Gerrits
Tony Streefkerk
Guusje Ingen Housz